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ubiquiti's Journal
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Sunday, February 20th, 2005
11:48 pm
He Got Game
Just saw this movie again after not seeing it for a long time.
Spike Lee truly is one of today's best filmmakers.
Hell - he has made 3 of my top 10 favorite movies of all time - Mo'better Blues, Malcom X, and 25th Hour. He Got Game is in my top 15....
The heart of this movie is just amazing. Denzel Washington's character Jake and his inner demons and his profound sorrow about what he did to his wife and family. Even though he was taking a deal to go see his son, everything he does in this movie is about redemption and his family. It never hurts to see Rosario Dawson, either.
The revolving subplots always keep you guessing, and the flashbacks fill in the backstory at appropriate times - never giving away too much. Spike Lee's camera angles and musical scoring is as always superb and a style all his own.
I think I am going to go buy this movie along with Napoleon Dynamite tomorrow.
Saturday, November 20th, 2004
12:00 am
The house that won't sell
Excellent last couple of weeks - the buyer of our house suddenly dropped out. His credit score dropped and they couldn't get it back to where it was when he "pre-qualified" so he's out.
Another lady last week but a bid in on our house and then the next day pulled it because she was afraid of our neighborhood.
Now we might not get the new house if we don't sell soon. I'm starting to grip a bit.

On a sligthly somewhat disturbing yet brighter, ego-stroking note - I think i got flirted with by a younger woman I work with at "happy hour" last week. She kept flinging her hair and telling me what a great guy I am...and stayed after everyone left and hung out with me at the bar for like 2 more hours. And she is smoking hot. Not that I would do anything, but it makes a brotha feel good.

My wife's friend wants me to spend time with her son and be a "male influence" for him. His dad had a shed drop on him and kill him when he was 2. That guy was a total shitbag and deserved it, but i digress. He's a nice kid, but he cries a lot and always wants to hold my hand. I'm just not that good with kids I don't think - I have little to no patience, I hate it when kids cry, I don't like having to repeat myself...But I don't know, maybe it would be good for me. It would certainly be good for him - he desparately needs to get a little more masculine, plus he could stand to learn how to throw a spiral and run a hook route. Guess I will give it a try.

I had a dream the other night that I lived in a Light House with no bathroom.....Huh. Wonder what that means.


Current Mood: quixotic
Tuesday, November 2nd, 2004
11:10 pm
Up my ass with a shovel
Thank you America.
Thank you for proving what a nation of mindless sheep we all are.
While not surprised, I am deeply disappointed and the total lack of caring about our nation that a majority of Americans have shown.
We re-elected a president that has gone 4 full years that has :
1. Turned the world against us
2. Allowed the single most devastating terrorist attack to take place
3. Run a budget defecit larger than any in history with no plan whatsoever to correct - aside from giving rich people tax cuts
4. LIED to his countrymen and the rest of the world
5. Still not yet learned to speak

I am completely and utterly disgusted with my fellow citizens right now. I have never, ever felt so completely and utterly unrepresented. This is not the country that I gave 3 years of my life to defend anymore. Not the country that I was on the DMZ staring at North Korean soldiers for 6 months for. The country that I defended and loved would never invade a sovereign nation for nothing. Would never outlaw people who love each other from getting married. Would never turn it's back on it's blue collar working citizens. Would never allow religion to infiltrate government so deeply that the president can actually say God told him to act a certain way. Naw...This isn't my country anymore. This is a country of elitist, racist, zealots that want to turn our country into a theocracy with a caste system. This is a country that values the wealthy, the few, more than the poor and needy. This is a country so self absorbed as to not even acknowledge we could ever be wrong.
I can tell everyone right now, I will not support this president. I will go out of my way to not support this president. I cannot support such evil to lead our once proud country. Bush has made an activist out of me. I normally vote, read the paper, and stand back and watch things happen. That has now ended. If Americans are to be this unbelievably stupid, evidently I will have to do their thinking for them.
My predictions for Bush's next term:
1. A terrorist attack on US soil larger than 9/11
2. War with either Syria or Iran
3. Nuclear standoff with North Korea
4. A greater budget defecit than we have today
5. Unemplyment in the double digits
6. Homosexuality outlawed
7. Further Expansion of the Patriot Act to add Blacks and Mexicans to Arabs as ethnicities acceptable to hold indefinitely, without charges and representation for essentially nothing
8. Widespread civil disobedience and crime
9. Roe V. Wade overturned
10. Inflation in the double digits
11. Trade embargoes on the U.S. by China and Europe
12. A draft
13. Gas prices topping $4 per gallon

Congrats, America, look what we can look forward to! At least the rich people won't have to worry about most of the above, just those pesky "commoners" that fight wars for them.
But hey, those damn faggots won't be able to get married and women will no longer be able to decide on their own what to do with their bodies - they are too stupid to know what is good for themselves anyways, I guess.
Thursday, October 21st, 2004
9:52 pm
if the moon was made of real cheese, would you eat it?
Random thoughs:
Saw Friday Night Lights tonight. It was good, but Billy Bob Thornton might be one of the most disturbing individuals to look at of all time.
If one more motherfucker driving in front of me gives the obligatory 10 second pause before going when the light turns green, I swear I will get out of my car at the next light and bash their stupid heads in with a lead fucking pipe.
I wonder if Bush supporters realize they support the most hated president in US history. Also the most incompetant and all around worst.
My wife's rabbit hates me.
Pool table...Worth it? Hmmm
Damn I love maple syrup and Monster Energy Drink.
It rained here all damn day. It was awesome. I wish it would do that once per week. The smell of rain in the desert is unbelievable. I wish they could bottle that smell.

Saturday, October 16th, 2004
11:40 pm
Family History and the 4th Presidential Debate
Tonight I went over to my Uncle's house for my grandmother's 79th birthday. She is still a very beautiful woman she doesn't look any older than 60, and what a life she was had. Born in Calabria, Italy, she emigrated to Canada in 1939. She told me what WOP really meant - "With Out Papers". When she came over - she had no papers - no birth certificate, nothing. They marked her as being born on October 15th, but really, she was born September 15th according to my nana(her mother who passed away 5 years ago). She told us all again how she worked for the Canadian Governement as a secretary and was fluent in English by her 18th birthday. She told us for the umpteenth time how she met my grandfather, yet it never gets boring to hear them talk about it. My grandfather was fighting in the Pacific in World War II and she signed up for a pen pal program to write American troops. Well she and my Grandfather around 1944 began corresponding. When my grandfather went back home to Detroit after the war, he went to Sudbury Canada to meet her. He proposed to her one week later. They have been together even since.
My grandfather the son of Irish immigrants and my grandmother an Italian immigrant went from virtually nothing to creating our family. They worked hard. My grandfather worked during the day as a mechanic and at night as a fur coat salesman and a vaccum cleaner salesman. My grandmother became a court recorder for the Southgate Michigan city court. They were, pretty much the American dream. They never had a lot, but they always had family, integrity and a lot of love.
After hearing their stories, I started thinking. I started thinking about what a great family i have and I wonder if a life like they have had is even possible anymore.
Then my brother had to make a political comment. My brother and I, politically, are like oil and water, and tonight I figured out why Bush CANNOT be re-elected. He says something about "Franken-Kerry" and how he wants to turn over our country to the UN and worship Saddam Hussein. Of course he is being sarcastic, but nonetheless, there is an undercurrent there of seriously flawed conservative rhetoric.
I then ask him why he doesn't like Kerry, he says, "He's a pussy". Okay, I ask him why he likes Bsuh, to which he says, "I don't know". Then thinks about it and says "Well, for one I like that he won't make me pay money to pay for lazy people's healthcare. I also like that he wants to give me tax breaks - since I make more than $60,000 per year, Kerry wants to tax me to death. Bush also wants to stop immigration." After further probing and questioning, I got out of him that he thnks Kerry is "wishy-washie" and that Kerry wants to raise taxes. Because of that - he is voting for Bush.
I then explained to him how Bush's fiscal and tax policy is killing the middle class. He laughs at me. I explain to him that every time a Republican President comes into office - the middle class goes away more and more. He is intelligent, but not very well schooled in economics. He asks how I come to that conclusion. I tell him when a governement runs budget defecits - it causes inflation. TO combat inflation, teh fed raises interest rates. Raisiing interest rates has no effect on the upper class, and likely even a positive effect becasue they earn so much more interest off their money. But to the poor and middle class - it is devastating - they can affordless with their already more devalued money, and most lower and middle class people have little savings anyway, so any benefit from the higher interest rate is lost on them. I then explain to him that the wealthy - those making more than $200,000 - control 52% of the wealth in this country, yet only pay 40% of the taxes. He said he didn't care. HE then went on about how he likes that Bush's policies will make it harder on the poor and minorities because they are "Dumb and lazy anyway". An angry sneer from me and a few insults back and forth after that promted my uncle to come over and change the subject to his 1970 Chevelle which is getting restored thus averting a potential altercation.
My brother is the prototypical Bush supporter, I fear. He doesn't really know why he likes Bush, other than a few totally inane, uneducated not even really correct points. The only thing he knows about John Kerry is the mistruths and lies told about him by the Bush camp. He is afraid and his fear plays right into Bush's fear-mongering plans whether it be immigration or terrorism. He doesn't care if he loses some freedoms, just so long as he can have the illusion of safety, both economic and personal. He doesn't care that minorities will be persecuted to that end.
What my brother does not get is that, if people like Bush were in office when our grandparents met, we likely would not be here. My grandfather likely would have been back-door drafted back into the Marines for Korea and potentially killed. If he did make it back alive, there would have been no point in working the two jobs as the taxes he would have paid on the second job wouldn't make it worth it.
Like Reagan before him, Bush is suffocating out the middle class. In doing so, Bush is killing the American Dream.
Monday, September 27th, 2004
8:52 am
Ruminations on a week
Okay - so last week started completely uneventfully. I had just gotten back from Vegas, had lots of laundry to do, etc.
Tuesday we got word that one of my Co-Worker's Grandmother died. Sucks becasue she lost a sister and father this year too.
Then came Thursday and The Big I. The Big I is the annual insurance convention here in Phoenix - insurance companies come here to actually give us agents a little love. I met up with Ezana - an underwriting guy I write stuff through from New York - cool guy. We began drinking. Around 9 P.M. I decided to start wrapping it up - knowing if I stayed out too late, Beth would get pissed at me. Ezana gave me a lift back to the hotel where the convention was - I would need a ride back to the office, so I hoped Justin, my boss, would still be at the convention. He was. So was a broker friend of ours named Brad who decided to introduce me to my competition - three guys from the Mahoney Group. Conversation pretty much goes like this(keep in mind I was pretty buzzed):
Brad: Hey guys, this is Todd from Alliance, he's doing a lot of condos
Mahoney Dicks: Who?
Todd: Todd from Alliance, how you guys doing?
Mahoney Dicks: You're with who?
Todd: Alliance
Mahoney Dicks: You guys are still in business?
Todd: Very funny, I'm actually writing quite a bit of condos you guys used to insure
Mahoney Dick #1: how many?
Todd: Probably 7 in the last 3 months
Mahoney Dick #2: Wow. That would be about 1/2 a percent of my book. You might want to go check out hair club for men - you might sell more.
Todd: Really. Tell you "guys" what. Why don't you just give me your customer list, and I will give you $5 per client. Better jump on that now, because I'm going to take them anyway.
Mahoney Dick #3: You got a problem?
Todd: Not really. I love talking to tools that can only talk about women's asses and how they scored 4 touchdowns back in High School.
Mahoney Dicks: ..................(angry face - truth hurts)
Mahoney Dick #1: Go fuck yourself
Todd: Wow - that's original(mean Todd face, light up a cigarette and blow smoke in Mahoney Dick #1's face)
Justin(my boss): Okay Todd, We gotta get going. See you fellas around, have a great night and be safe.
Mahoney Dick #1: You better watch your boy.. Tell him when he can buy a Rolex then he can talk to the big boys again, until then stay in the sandbox.
Todd: (Blows kiss to Mahoney Dicks)

So that was fun. THis morning, my coworker Rich comes in and says he heard about my encounter on Thrusday night. I asked how he knew. Evidently he went to see Sting Saturday night with Brad(who introduced me to Mahoney Dicks) and Brad introduced him to Mahoney Dick #1. Evidently Mahoney Dick #1 called me a "fag" and told Rich the three of them wanted to beat me up.
I found that infinitely hilarious.

I have more to say about last week, but I'm tired of typing.

Current Mood: amused
Thursday, September 16th, 2004
11:09 pm
Vegas, Baby
So I got a call from my old Army roomate Chad last week...we were roommates in Korea, for one drunken year.
he is a cartoonist or something and is going to be in Vegas this whole week plus the weekend.
Beth and I have been running around like crazy getting the house ready to be sold and we are not getting along very well at all, so I figure I need a break. I'm heading up tomorrow afternoon for some gambling, drinking, and maybe a little Cheetah.... I really need to blow off steam, so it seems perfect.
AND I rented a nice Pontiac to drive so I don't have to fly. :)
I'm coming home Sunday, likely to a barrage of complaining about me not doing enough to get the house ready, I'm fat, and other various annoying tirades from the wife.
Maybe I won't come home.................I could totally be a sweet Blackjack dealer.
Buying/Selling a house has got to be about the worst thing ever to do to one's stress level.

Current Mood: Assy
Tuesday, August 31st, 2004
12:13 pm
News, observations, etc.
So Beth's wrist is not broken or hurt too badly - she can at least move it gimpily now that the swelling has gone down. I still think we are gonna sue those mother f'ers. The club manager checked her out after she fell and was all bleeding and said - "Oh, it doesn't look so bad. Here, have a shot."I think I'm gonna sue them just for spite then give the money to charity...those snooty condescending asswhipes.
I'm finally selling my entire comic collection. We gotta start showing the house and that means we have to remove clutter and my 5 long boxes of comics just gotta go. I'm getting a really good price for them, too. I will be able to pay off all my credit cards and still have money left over to contribute to the downpayment on our new house.

So I work with clients/customers a lot via email. I am really busy most of the time and on busy days can get like 50 emails a day. It really annoys me when people send me an email in response to my answer or a document they requested and just say Thanks. A whole email devoted to Thanks. I come back from lunch yesterday, and I have 8 new emails - 6 of them were Thanks emails. I mean I appreciate the sentiment, but it's really annoying.
We got a ping pong table at the office yesterday. My co-worker Rich and I went and picked it up at lunch. It's going in the new part of the office we took over. We played last night until around six. I relaized I really suck at Ping Pong.
Tuesday, August 17th, 2004
7:21 am
Sleepwalkers anonymous
Last night, after Beth and I finished eating dinner and watching an awesome show - Best shows that never made it to air, or something like that(there was a show with a troll called fuzzbucket...hmmm...)I decided to go grab a few beers with my friend Sean. So at the bar I have 3 guiness pints, then 3 huge waters. I am NOT drunk...at all. But Sean and I start playing that stupid trivia game that they mount on bars to steal money from unsuspecting drunks....Anyway, so we leave around 12:30 and I get home around 12:45.
I brush the old teeth and hop into bed, being very proud of myself for not drinking too much. Beth was already asleep(duh).
Next thing I know, she is screaming at me and I am standing up peeing in her bathtub. What the fuck? Not like I can stop it now, gotta finish. Then I guess I must have just went back and laid down in bed to go to sleep again(I think I might have still been asleep...likely) and Beth stands over me i nthe bed and yells at me for not cleaning it up. I wake up this time and follow her into her bathroom to clean it up, but now she is at the point where she is just going to do it no matter what I do.
Fine, I take my pillow and a blanket out to the coach.
This morning she is still pissed at me. I try to explain to her that I must have been sleepwalking or something. She asks then why have I never sleepwalked before? Shit I don't know. She thinks I was drunk. I have been drunk a LOT lately - like last 5 months. I think I might be depressed - bu tthat is for another journal.... But the point is, I was not drunk, I have the receipt to prove it.
My subconscious is weird as shit, I mean if I am going to do something odd when sleeping, why pee in the bathtub - something that will piss the wife off? Why not - oh I don't know, cut the grass and trim bushes while sleeping, or write a novel...something useful?
Stupid subconscious..
Monday, August 16th, 2004
10:49 am
Nothing new to say Kwiz time

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Gind, you cheap ass. Plus I'm giving you a happy ending?
Friday, August 13th, 2004
7:01 am
holy shit - LJ quizzes are more truthful than we thought

How will you DIE?
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I almost shat myself when I read this one...too creepy.
Wednesday, August 4th, 2004
11:30 pm
Political Rant
Okay after hearing O'Reilly and Rush and every other right-wing shill media personality slam Bruce Springsteen for speaking out for Kerry, I think I have brimmed over with hatred for the political right wing.
Like it is okay for Schwartzenegger and Charlton Heston and Bruce Willis to speak out politically....as long as they support Republican policies.
Fucking hypocrites.
Top ten reasons why Republicans suck:
10. They ALL like John Tesh
9. They ALL like NASCAR
8. They hate minorities. This would include blacks, hispanics, jews, muslims.
7. They are pro-life. Since most Republicans are men, like they should have a say in what a woman does with her body.
6. They have little to no understanding of economics. The end of the Reagan era proved that the Laffer Curve does not work and trickle down economics is totally unsustainable.
5. They are all almost toally ugly, butter little weenies - look at Orrin Hatch, Rumsfeld, Bob Dole, etc.
4. They hate poor people. FACT - the top 5% of the wealthiest Americans actually own 75% of all the wealth in America....yet only pay 51% of the taxes and yet they want to tax the wealthy even less. The don't want to provide health care for all Americans, they want to cut all forms of social programs, they do not care about public education, they send American Fighting men(most of whom are poor) off to die for pretty much nothing save oil and political clout.
3. They hate gay people. They want to ammend the COnstitution to prevent gay marriage. Yet there is nothing in the Constitution about murder, adultery, rape, molestation...Evidently they view this matter of two people of the same sex being recognized as a married couple legally as far more important than all the other things I mentioned.
2. They are religious whackos. Every single Party-line Republican I know is this way. They believe their moral value system to be absolute with no room for anyone else's morals - because God told them. They have no room for tolerance or deviation from their own miopic moral structure. They do not care about the separation of Church and State - look at john Ashcroft for the best example of this.
1. They actually think George Bush is a good president. Holy shit! This guy cannot even pronounce Nuclear properly. He lied to us about Iraq. He has pissed off pretty much every other country in the world. He lied about not being in the business of "Nation building". He is a cocaine addict and a convicted drunk driver with a megalomania problem. He believes Jesus tells him to do things. He has led the country into the largest budget deficit EVER..He has spent more than any other president and wants to tax less. He has no integrity and has never worked a day in his life. In fact he has bankrupted two corporations and run a baseball team into the ground. He is a wartime deserter that thinks he has the right to actually command US troops which he has proven throughout his life to have absolutely no respect whatsoever for. He looks like a weasel.

There are about 20 other reasons why Republicans suck, but my fingers are getting tired.
Saturday, July 31st, 2004
10:46 pm
Credit Cards could possibly be the work of the devil
So this guy was in town from New York on Thursday - my boss told me to take him out and have fun.
Where does this guy want to go? The topless club.
Damn. I always feel creepy at those places, especially with a wedding ring on - I'm sure that immediately puts a "Dickhead" sign right on my forehead. SO anyways, I buy what they call "Babes bucks" which are just little $10 vouchers that I charged to my card so I can expense the evening.
Then Friday I bought some baseball tickets for a client of mine and my card got charged twice - once for the 2 tickets I bought, another time for the 4 tickets I did not, so now I have to go have the ticket dealer guy refund me which will be a pain in the ass.
Also while in San Diego, I charged a bunch of meals on the card.
I know that I will be reimbursed for almost all of that, but it still stresses me out.
On a side note - got my first real professional massage ever today - pretty nice, except from now on I will just tell whom ever is massaging me to just do it hard as shit, because today the lady hit some spots kinda soft and I went all over the place and started laughing and acting like a retard. Ticklish people I guess either get a way hard massage or nothing.
Also saw I, Robot today - WAY better than I expected. If anyone wanted to make a case for male sexual objectification though - the first 5 minutes of this movie could prove your thesis.

Going to cut up all plastic.

Current Mood: nervous
Monday, July 19th, 2004
8:39 am
Random thoughts on the beginning of the week
This will be all over the place.
1. I hate double standards. So Beth wanted to go swimming at her dads yesterday and asked me if I wanted to go. I said not really, but then she started getting all pissy and angry - clue:I should go. So I went so she wouldn't be all crappy the rest of the day. Then last night after I finished mowing the lawn, she asked me if i wanted to go to Dairy Queen. I said not really, Beth: "Fine. Whatever." Followed by annoying sigh and angry face. 15 minutes later she and I were at Dairy Queen getting ice cream cones. So after I shower and I'm relaxing in the laz-z-boy, she asks me if I want to rub her feet. I say not really, and she gets literally furious. She stops talking to me and goes into the kitchen and starts banging cabinets around. Then she comes out and tells me she is going to bed. Well....needless to say I tell her I'll rub her feet because I dont want to deal with angry, pouty Beth. Here is why this annoys me mostly. If I want to have sex, she says no, then when I get mad, she starts crying. Aside from the sex, if I want to do anything she doesn't want to do, she just says no and I move on. I don't make her feel guilty or get mad. Why? Maybe she needs to see what it would be like to have a husband that could give a rat's ass less how she feels about naything for a while and see how she likes it. Also - why do women like foot rubs so much?
2. Okay so while over at Beth's dad's house yesterday(he and his girlfriend are in D.C. - leaving the house to his gf's 18 year old son, Darren). Darren is a pretty nice kid. Lazy and kinda lethargic, but nice.
So I get out of the pool, dry off and go inside to watch a little T.V. Darren has his 2 guitars and a bunch of smoking paraphenalia laid out all over the living room. I open one of his little Camel cigarette tins, and it is full of weed. Next to the tin is a little digital scale. I've never been much into pot(I was an LSD guy) and don't know how it is sold, etc. I also saw no rolling papers.. I'm kind of torn on what to do. Should I talk to him and tell him to keep that crap out of my father-in-laws house or I'll talk to the father in law about it? DO I just narc completely. Shoud I talk to Darren and try to be like big brother about it and take a less hard approach? I don't care if the kid smokes pot, what I do care about is if he is dealing pot of of my father in laws house - everyone there could in turn get arrested if he sells enough to get the attention of the police. I'll have to give this one some thought. Right now I'm thinking stern conversation.
3. Going to San Diego later in the week for the comicon. I am going to target tonight and get like 40 trial size right guard cans. I will hand them out at the comicon to the comic book nerds that have apparently decided to not shower for the past week(and trust me, 40 will not even scratch the surface)

Current Mood: calm
Sunday, July 18th, 2004
12:41 am
My House
So our Real Estate agents came over today to look over our house and tell Beth and I what we need to fix, make better, etc. so we can sell our house and move out of our crappy neighborhood.
All pretty easy stuff - re-screen our back patio, touch up some baseboards, paint the front of the house(evidently sun does not touch the back of the house), repair some tilework in the Kitchen. No worries.
She says once we have everything ready, we should go ahead and list it. The problem is - other agents will be taking people to our house randomly on various days, at various times, etc. One problem - Ajax the dog. We can't just lock him in the back yard all day 1. becuase it is 110 degrees, 2. He would go apeshit if he saw strange people walking into his house and just knock the arcadia door off its track and run into the house.
If we cannot show the house, we cannot sell it. I guess I could take Ajax over to my Uncle's house every morning before I go to work, or to my Father in Law's and then pick him up on my way home - but what a pain in the butt. Maybe we could just have open house like every weekend and just be gone for like 6 hours and take Ajax with us.
I'm sure I'll think of something, but this annoys the hell out of me
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